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CTC provides a comprehensive range of professional technical communication services. These are our core services, reflecting nearly twenty years experience:

  • Technical communication - full range of technical documentation including user guides, reference guides, online help, operator manuals and specifications
  • Marketing communication - marketing material such as product descriptions, brochures, demos, white papers and presentations
  • Business communication - press releases, business reports, business plans, customer letters, policy documents and service agreements
  • Online communication - website copy, customer email communications, online marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation
  • Training - support putting together course material, including training guides, presentations, workbooks, interactive tutorials and online demos
  • IT communication - support for data discovery and IT planning, such as logical and physical network diagrams, disaster recovery plans and support for data centre migration projects


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We weren’t sure what to expect from CTC as we had never used them before, but we were pleasantly surprised with their responsiveness and the high quality of their work.
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